Before We Get Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program…

So, here to blatantly remind you all that this blog originally started as a school project, I must now pitch an idea for a mobile app that I had. I used the site iBuildApp in order to create the interface for it. I would just like to say that I think this site would be incredibly useful if you had a full idea for the app you want to create. I, however, only had ideas for certain parts of the app, and I had a very hard time dealing with the tech in order to bring those ideas to life. That being said, a lot of this is going to be me explaining what I couldn’t do.

The name of my app is Which Dish? I had a hard time coming up with the concept because there are so many food and cooking apps and websites as it is, but my idea for this one was that you could easily search and find recipes based on 2 main things. One being which meal you are cooking for. Under the Categories tab, you will be able to choose from breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Once you’ve chosen one of those, you can specify how light or heavy you’re wanting the dish to be and how easy or complex you want the recipe to be. The second thing is to be able to search based on the ingredients you have on-hand. Under the Ingredients tab, you can type in what you have and view recipes featuring those items.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 11.44.03 AM

Another big thing, is user reviews. There is a rating system for each recipe and a section for written reviews as well. That’s always helpful when trying something new. Who likes to buy a bunch of ingredients they’ve never used before/may never use again just for the dish to turn out to be a flop? The Top Recipes tab will also feature the top rated recipes at the time. It will be consistently changing as more and more users join and rate the recipes they try!

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 11.52.53 AM

In addition to all of the above, you can sync this app directly to your Pinterest board. If you don’t have a Pinterest, this app will still allow you to save recipes for later use. My major hope for this app, is that it would make looking for recipes easier. I absolutely love Pinterest for food ideas, but categories can get muddled and I find myself upset and overwhelmed because I can’t find something that, in my head, seems so simple. Currently I’m looking for a recipe for my next post coming Tuesday and once again Pinterest is leading me astray with thousands of things that I don’t want while searching for the one thing I do want.

In conclusion, this is not a real app, so don’t go searching for it. I will continue to curse my way through Pinterest and other search tools until I find something better. If you know of a better way, comment below! Otherwise, my normal food and movie post will be back on Tuesday!


About Leah Hatcher

My name is Leah Hatcher, I am an Electronic Media major at Texas State University and a self-declared movie buff. However, there is a surprising amount of movies I haven't seen, and worse, an embarrassing amount of good movies I have yet to see. So that's what this blog is all about. I'll watch a movie and make a new dish, whether it's a recipe I stumble upon or just something I come up with on my own, and critique them both. I'll share the recipe, too, of course! Now, I know there are some who might not trust someone critiquing their own food, so I have another key-player in this blog: my co-host, my boyfriend who will be sure to be brutally honest in order to make my critiques more "trustworthy". So, without further ado, enjoy the show!
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